How We Started

Our Story

Having had the privilege of travel and being introduced into the yachting world it was simply a matter or time before I started identifying opportunities. Being a stewardess on a yacht gave me the insight to see daily frustrations over interior design and the apparel we used on tables. Having the duty of table décor and napkin folding I constantly faced the frustration of shrinking napkins, the storage on the boat was small and the annoying principal of using Ziploc packets as napkin storage was a “hack” The idea of producing a napkin that could be double sided, pre-shrunk and stored in a manner that was well suited to yacht storage started spinning in my head.

From the encouragement of my fellow crew members, the production of samples started. The appeal and talk of these napkins created a buzz around new ideas and possibilities. The anticipation of exciting textiles and quality products was becoming more tangible. Having grown up in South Africa I saw a perfect opportunity to create a business around social development. My plan was to source local Shweshwe fabrics and have the local ladies in the community make napkins. This would further ensure that local production would create jobs and the dream of setting up my own cut make and trim (CMT) company would become a reality. The idea of starting production using Shweshwe textiles is important to a cultural aesthetic that I want the world to know about. Having travelled extensively I noticed the exciting interrelations between different cultures and I want that appeal to shine through my brand. Product development will be focused on different textiles from around the world, each holding its own cultural significance.