New World Romanticism

Think old-world glamour, Victorian influences and classic linens. Think crystal glasses and the bright ‘ting’ on the glass as the MC stands up to interrupt the crowd. It was for sure a crowd pleaser with the ambience of the posh Victorian dresses and new world Romanticism. It was a full affair with banter and laughter. We were lost in soft florals and in awe of the romantic blooms on show. Being swayed by soft table linens with classic stone creams and nudes.

This is just a piece of the picture I would like to paint for my audience, and our team of collaborative artists portrayed it so well. A group of people with a refined skill of creativity took to the streets of Durban, using open spaces in the Design Factory on the well- known Station Drive. They created a styled shoot to market some of the classic trends brides will see in 2019.

Each element was so carefully thought out. Florals and blooms took their inspiration from natural flora and fauna, being so cleverly used by Caroline from Adore Weddings. Sadie so beautifully portrayed this new world Victorian influence in the style of her dresses from Sadie Bosworth Atelier. Sadie having been inspired by 1970s elements and taking time travel to the past. She so cleverly ties in Victorian elements with new world modern fashion trends. Her dresses take shape with soft Italian Tulles, so intricately beaded and embroidered with a accent of crepe. The makeup artistry was inspired by the style of the dresses with hair and makeup being done by Pam from Pamjam. And of course the linens; oh the linens! There is nothing more exquisite than good quality fabrics being used to accent your tablescapes. Our soft greys, neutrals and soft textures accented this Victorian inspired tablescape. We went back to classics: think neutrals, elegant nudes, velvet draping and deep emeralds.

I want to take you back to the essence of sepia photography that captures this old world feel so well. Our photographer Michigan Behn captures the darks and lights incredibly well. Her photography draws her audience into the scene and captures the ambience in which us as artists tried to create.

The Shoot was a massive success with old world thought and modern elements tying a stunning tablescape together. We sure did play table dress up and our models wore Sadie’s dresses with modern class.

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