Yard Period, Downtime, And all Right Revamp

As Yachties we know that yard periods can be something of a nightmare with inventories needing to be updated after a long charter season, old napkins and table décor is thrown away because of overuse and well we all know old can become boring.

Linens can become hard to stain treat as they lose colour, cotton and poly blends are your best bet. Two-fold interior provides pre-shrunk double-sided napkins that are 100% cotton as well as polycotton blends. Having had feedback on what works and what doesn’t we want to provide chief stews with the best quality at a reasonable price point. Two-fold focuses on ergonomics as well as upcoming trends in the interior space. Most companies don’t provide stunning even napkins we will customize for you.

Our trend predictions for 2019 are classic linen blends, classic cotton and classic colours. “One cannot go wrong with a good classic in the closet”. Tablescapes will take forms in nudes and deeper jewel tones. We suggesting classic emeralds, golds, brick reds and pale nudes. We looking at quality linens something that a royal may put on their tables.

While there is a huge emphasis on the dining experience on the yachts we want to make your charter execution and tables stand out. Good food, good wine and excellent execution from the interior crew one cannot go wrong with creating an ambience that stands out. We will cater for your themes and have your linens shipped over all the way from South Africa. While there is a lot of competition and a high standard in which yachts provide their guests, it is important to keep up with what the rich and famous like to see. Mostly a well-rounded effort in every aspect of service and of course the execution of décor on their tables.

Make this yard period something to look forward to. Revamp your interior products with classics and quality.

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