Table Manners

Napkin Bags

Table manners are one thing, but boat etiquette opens up a whole new world of insight. Interior crew let’s get your opinions. As a stewardess, the daily frustrations of maintaining a level of what one can refer to as “organization” plays a huge role in yacht crew life. “A place for everything and everything in its place “ is a common goal that yacht crew abide by. The result in which one refers to is a syndrome of hypersensitivity to OCD “ness”. I say this because as the crew we spend our lives cleaning what is already clean, reorganizing and reorganizing again.

Often there is this constant frustration that things just don’t fit. The napkin cupboard is too small! The placemats won’t stack well. “My clothes never fit in my closet 😂🙄!! Space is a Real Deal on these super yacht inventions !!

So time is ticking and the fight and frustration for space become tiresome so interior crew shove their napkins in Ziplocs and write a huge 12 sign in sharpie pen. Hoping that this is the best solution before charter begins. Lone behold mid-trip the napkins slide from their storage, the laundry is laden with mismatches and I am to busy on guest service to worry about a random napkin.

Despite the daily hacks of crew life, we have an interior solution. Our napkin bags make your life easier interior crew. They stack and they colour coded. They pre-shrunk and don’t loose shape and the made to order in sets so your days of inventory are done for you!

Just some food for thought! We will see you cleaning what’s already clean and look forward to crew opinions.


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